Selling your items with Divine Consign is easy. Our consignors receive 70% of their sales less a fee based on the scale below:

1-100 items: $10 fee

101-200 items: $15 fee

201-300 items: $20 fee

301-400 items: $25 fee

401-500 items: $30 fee

Sellers with Divine Consign will register online, enter their items in our bar-code system, prep their items, print and attach the bar-coded tags and drop their items off at the location at which they are registered. They must have at least 20 items or $50 worth of items to participate.

Each consignor gets to set their own prices and decide whether or not their items will be discounted on our half-price and 75% off days. Then, they can return at the end of the sale to pick-up unsold items or donate them to one of our charities.

Registration begins on July 1st for our fall/winter events and on December 1st for our spring/summer events. At that time, consignors can start entering items into our online system. Once we reach our overall item limit for that sale, consignors will no longer be able to enter or edit items. As we get closer to our total item limit we will email registered consignors.

Each household can only consign in one sale per season.

SUCCESSFUL CONSIGNORS SAY: “I have two goals; number one to make money, number two to have a high sales percentage. To meet both goals, I have to ensure my items are priced correctly, merchandised expertly, and tagged properly. I can make money by selling my items and earn a high sales percentage by consigning only items that will truly sell.” – Sandy D.

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Consignor registration for our spring sales starts December 1st!

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