Now that you’ve prepped your items you’re ready to start tagging.


Registration begins on July 1st for the fall/winter sales and December 1st for the spring/summer sales. Each household can only sell at one sale per season. To register, click HERE or on the link on the top left of any page of the website.

Click here to download our Quick Start Guide for tips on entering your items.


We do not allow blank or "placeholder" tags to be entered into the system. For example, multiple tags that say "shirt", "toys", "book", etc. aren't allowed. We require every tag to have a SPECIFIC description when it's entered (e.g. Gap blue shirt with yellow flowers). Use of the Power Tagger is not allowed.


We suggest marking your items 75% OFF retail prices. There is a minimum price of $2. For infant clothing sizes 0-12 month, we suggest marking your items at 80% OFF, due to the volume we receive of these sizes. All items priced $3 and under must be marked to be discounted. This includes all items.


If the consignor chooses to discount items, they will be 50% off during our half-price sale hours. Items are 20% more likely to sell if they are marked to be discounted.  All items priced $3 or less must be marked "Discount: Yes".


Items marked to be donated will print an “X” in the bottom right corner of the tag. These items will go 75% off on our last morning open to the public. Any unsold items marked to be donated will go to one of our great charities.


The tag must disclose all of the information the shopper needs in order to make an informed decision. Click here for our Sizing Guidelines.


When you’re ready to print your tags, you will generate a PDF file of them and they print 8 to a page. For crisp, clean bar-codes we suggest having your tags printed at an office supply store like Office Max, FedEx, etc. Although they use laser printers, the quality is much greater than a home printer. Make sure and tell them to use WHITE cardstock, only. If you choose to print them at home make sure that:

  • You use only 60-67lb. or 110lb. WHITE cardstock
  • You do not use a home laser printer
  • Your bar-codes are straight, with clear white space between lines
  • If printing on a color printer make sure you choose “Black Cartridge Only” in your settings

Important: You must reprint any tags that:

  • You want to make changes to from a previous season (i.e. Lowered price, changed discount or donate status, etc.) 
  • You have transferred from another local sale. 
  • You have made changes to the item online from when you first printed the tag for the current season.

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