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started out small, selling a handful of items…just enough to get me in the door early.  Consigning was my ticket to fewer crowds and shorter checkout lines. This golden ticket of consigning meant I spent less time in crowded aisles and more time doing what I came to do – SHOP! Plus I was making a little money along the way!

I quickly realized with just a little more effort I could effectively shop for my kids’ next season of clothing for free – by selling not just a handful of items from last season, but everything all at once. The consignment sale for us becomes more of a clothing swap.  It’s like I’m trading in last season’s stuff for what is coming around the bend.

Andrea M.

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How To Consign

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Accepted Items

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Consigning Tips and FAQs

Why Divine Consign Over Other Options?

Today, we have many ways to recycle our kids used things.  Divine Consign, other similar sales and consignment stores, Facebook, Craigslist, Buy/Sell/Trade groups, garage sales…endless possibilities.  But which is best?  Here’s some food for thought…

Time:  Precious.  Flying.  Never enough.

Divine Consign – Most of your time will be spent prepping, entering, and tagging the items you will consign.  Once you’ve done those things it’s just a matter of dropping your items off, and then we do the rest.  You sit back and wait for your check to arrive, usually within two days of the end of the sale.  Did you know?  At the end of a sale, most consignors don’t come back for pick-up because they’ve either marked everything leftover to be donated OR they realize it isn’t worth their time to make the drive to pick up what little they have left over.

Craigslist or Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade groups – You’ll need to spend time researching the “rules” of selling.  And each online group is different so now you’re having to remember which group has which rules.  Some will limit how many items you can sell, others limit how many times you can post.  Posting is only the beginning.  You are responsible for all the communication, possible haggling, and the follow-up that occurs with potential buyers.  Is this worth your time?

Pay:  show me the money

Divine Consign – ALL consignors pay Divine Consign 30% of their sales and a consignor fee based on the number of items you enter before mailing the checks.  At most other local sales, you have to work the sale to pay that little AND you have to pay your consignor fee AHEAD. If you end up not being able to drop-off you’re out that money with no opportunity to recoup it!  

Our consignors set their prices and decide whether or not to let their items be discounted.  The sweet spot for setting a price is generally 75% OFF retail.  Haggling is not allowed.  The average consignor sold $600 worth of items last season.

Facebook Marketplace – There are no registration fees or expenses, so sellers take home all the money made from their sales.  Haggling over price is allowed, so you might not get your full asking price or risk losing the sale. Again, you have to take pictures, answer the question “Is this still available?” 100 times AND have strangers come to your door.

Traffic:  if you build it, they will come

Divine Consign –  Sometimes we feel like Divine Consign really is the “Field of Dreams”.  We have so many wonderful, focused, savvy shoppers. Since we are the longest-running pop-up consignment shop in the Metroplex (going on 23 years!) we have thousands of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, kids, teachers, daycare owners, and church staff come to us for gently-used, quality children’s merchandise.  They come looking for great bargains with great value.  You won’t get that kind of traffic on a Facebook Markeplace, at your own garage sale or on Craigslist or Ebay.  And definitely not in the time span of three days.

We think Divine Consign is the best choice but don’t take our word for it.  Try us out!

Registration to sell at either our Grapevine or Plano pop-ups begins in June for our spring sales and in December for our fall sales.

What Do You Accept?

Almost everything related to kids and maternity…clothing, toys, baby equipment, books, feeding and diapering items and more! We DO NOT accept stuffed animals, bedding, room décor, clothing without a manufacturer’s tag or home made items.

So before you go to the trouble of tagging something that will just go straight into your pile for pick-up, check the full listing here from our website: What We Accept/Don’t Accept.

I'm new...how do I get started?


  1. Click on the Consignor Login link on the upper left of the page.
  2. Since you’ve never consigned, go to the Never Sold With Us Before section and choose either Plano Set-up User Account or Grapevine Set-up User Account. Each household can sell at one sale per season.
  3. Fill in all of the fields on this page and click on Create Account.
  4. You are now logged into our online bar-coding system. If you get logged out, just go back to the website, click on Register/Login, select the Register/Login link for the sale you’re signed up for and login there.
Consigning 101

Is this your first time to consign? Welcome! It can seem overwhelming but it’s pretty easy if you start with these tips.

  1. Start SMALL – The first time around, don’t feel like you have to sell everything at once. You only need 20 items or $50 worth to be eligible to sell with us.
  2. Start BIG – meaning get rid of the big stuff first. Nursery furniture, baby equipment (strollers, exersaucers, pack ‘n plays) and outdoor toys like slides, are more expensive items that will make you more money AND they free up more space in your home.
  3. Join the Consignor Facebook group – The link to this group will be found in the email you receive when you register. Just click on the link to get to the group, and click on “Join” so we can approve you. One you’re approved you can search the group for previous discussions or post your own question. Our seasoned consignors or Tina will be quick to give you the advice you need to be successful.

So register and get started today!

Selling a Crib

Follow these guidelines to figure out if we will sell your crib:

Find the manufacturer’s date – It’s on a sticker somewhere (usually on the bottom) of the crib.

Before July 23, 2010 -Illegal to sell

July 23, 2010-June 28, 2011 –  Must have certificate of compliance from the manufacturer (Children’s Product Certificate) stating it’s compliant with 16 C.F.R. part 1219 or 16 C.F.R. part 1220.

After June 28, 2011 – Legal to sell

Can’t find the sticker? Then don’t bother to bring it. Our volunteers check for that sticker when you bring the crib into the sale so if we can’t find it we’ll just send you back out the door with your crib.

Of course, cribs, like all items have to meet our quality guidelines as well. If they’re missing pieces, are scratched up, have teeth marks, etc., we will not accept them. So before you go to all of the trouble to tag it and bring it to the sale, check the date on it and make sure it looks great!

Selling a Car Seat

Here are our rules for selling car seats, so our little friends stay safe.

*  Seller is the original owner of the car seat.  If you are reselling a car seat you bought at Divine Consign (or any resell venue), you are not the original seller and so, you can’t consign that car seat.

*  The seat has never been in any accident and is not recalled. The seller must check any recall status of their car seat before dropping off.

*  The seat is not expired. Car seats now have expiration dates from 6-10 years. Find the date sticker on the seat then check the manufacturer’s website so you’ll know if your seat is legal to sell.

*  The seat is clean, stain-free, with clean belts that easily snap.

Car seats must meet the above criteria and have at least ONE FULL YEAR of use, before it reaches its expiration date. A certified car seat safety technician will check all car and booster seats and will have the final say on whether or not they are accepted.

Secrets of Successful Consignors

We recently asked 40 of our top consignors (they sell over 85% of their items season after season), to share some of their secrets with you, and you don’t even have to guess. It’s amazing. Some of them have been with us just a couple of years and some have been around since the beginning but they ALL had the same answers.

Pricing – They agree that 75-80% OFF retail prices is that sweet spot between “on sale” and “garage sale”. Here’s what they say:

“Know what store clearance prices are and ask less.”

“I ask myself, how much would I pay?”

“Divorce yourself from sentimentality and be objective.”

“I price knowing my items will be compared to thousands of others. I want the shopper to choose mine.”

Many said they never ask more than $5 for a clothing item unless it’s unique. Also keep in mind that your items will be compared to thousands of others. I love what our long-time consignor, Ambra said: ”Put a price on something that would make you think it was an amazing deal if you were the shopper! Everyone who comes to shop the sale is looking for great deals, so make their day and give them one!”

Prepping – The key here, they say, is not waiting until the last minute. Our most successful consignors are constantly purging, sorting, and organizing.

“Plan ahead and spread out your prep time.”

“I purge in July to get ready for Christmas.”

“Start right now and work on it all year!”

How do they do it??

“I don’t have room in closets to store both seasons  and multiple sizes, so I put things in plastic tubs by size, gender and season.”

“Keep a tub or two in a closet or an area out of sight and just add clothes, shoes, toys or whatever it is that they have outgrown or tire of as you discover it!”

A great tip someone mentioned was putting a couple of dryer sheets in each bin so they smell great when you take them out…genius!

Attention to detail – If you’ve ever worked one of our inspection shifts, you’ve seen the hundreds of items we pull from the sales floor because they’re worn, stained, etc. These ladies want to make sure they don’t have anything on those racks.

“My clothing items are ironed, buttoned and zipped…even pjs!”

“Check for stains 3 times. When you put it in the bin, when you enter it and when you tag it.”

“Always clean/polish shoes.”

Discounting and Donating – This one didn’t surprise us at all. When you choose “Discount: YES” when tagging, that item will go 50% off during our half-price sale. When you mark it to be donated if it doesn’t sell, it goes 75% off on the last morning of the sale.

“I mark my items to be discounted and donated. I give them every chance to sell.”

“Everything is marked to be donated. If it doesn’t sell at 75% off, I don’t want it back!”

So what’s the prize? These ladies took home an average of $650 last season. That makes these secrets worth telling!