How to Consign with Divine Consign

There’s still time to sell at our Grapevine event!

Step 1: Register


Consignors pay Divine Consign
30% of their sales
and a fee based on the number of items they enter:

1-50 items: $10 fee
51-100 items: $15 fee
101-150 items: $20 fee
151-200 items: $25 fee
201-250 items: $30 fee
251-300 items: $35 fee
301-350 items: $40 fee
351-400 items: $45 fee

REGISTER Registration to sell at our fall/winter sales begins in June and in December or the spring/summer sales. Scroll to the bottom of the page to sign up for our Early Access Text Alerts so you can sign up even earlier! All you need is 20 items or $50 worth of items to sell with us

Each family can only sell at one sale per season. To register, click HERE. Selling your items with Divine Consign is easy.

Once you’ve registered for the sale, you’ll read here to learn about preparing, tagging and packaging your items in order to make the most money possible. We’ll also invite you to join our Consignor Facebook page and you’ll receive emails with all of the tips and tricks to make you successful!

Step 2: Preparing Your Items

ITEM CONDITION – We are very selective in the quality of items we accept and have an inspection process in place to ensure that every shopper is happy with what they purchase. All items must be clean, have all of its pieces and be in working order to be accepted.

PRICING – We suggest marking your items 75% OFF retail prices. There is a minimum price of $2. For infant clothing sizes 0-12 month, we suggest marking your items at 80% OFF, due to the volume we receive of these sizes. Click here for our Pricing Guidelines.

LIMITS – There’s a limit of 400 items per consignor. Within clothing, each consignor is limited to 25 items per size per gender for sizes newborn, 3 month, 6 month, 9 months, 12 months and 18 months. There are no limits on the larger sizes of children’s clothing. There’s also a limit of 25 maternity items per consignor. All clothing MUST be children’s or maternity…not men’s, women’s or juniors.

SIZING GUIDELINES – The tag must disclose all of the information the shopper needs in order to make an informed decision. Click here for our Sizing Guidelines.

PACKAGING – Your items will be compared to thousands of others on the sales floor. Spend some time on presentation and packaging to make your items stand out. All clothing MUST be hung. We prefer wire hangers.

PRINTING TAGS – When you’re ready to print your tags, you will generate a PDF file of them and they will print 8 to a page. Make sure to use WHITE card stock, only. We suggest having them printed at an office supply store to ensure your bar-codes have straight white lines. You can easily upload the PDF to their website and they’ll even cut your tags for you!

Step 3: Drop Off Items

Grapevine Drop-Off & Shopping

Friday, September 6th, 12pm-7:00pm. Consignors must be checked-in by 6:30pm. Items must be out on the sales floor by 7pm.

Grapevine consignors shop on Saturday, September 7th from 4:00pm-8:15pm. No children, including infants, are allowed at this time.

Consignors also receive 1 wristband for a guest to shop at 6:30pm.

Plano Drop-Off & Shopping

Friday, August 23rd, 11:30am-7:00pm. Consignors must be checked-in by 6:30pm. Items must be out on the sales floor by 7pm.

Plano consignors can shop on Saturday, August 24th from 4:00pm-8:45pm. No children, including infants, are allowed at this time.

Consignors also receive a wristband for one guest to shop at 6:30pm.

  • IMPORTANT: Organize your items at home before bringing them to the sale. Separate clothing by size and gender.
  • Check with the worker at the door for instructions.
  • You will be electronically paid a few days after the sale.
  • If you are a consignor, pick up your pre-sale wristband and guest band. If you are also a worker, you will exchange your consignor band for a worker band. You will receive these when your drop-off is over.
  • Please allow at least one hour for drop off.
  • Please do not make sales in the parking lot.
  • IMPORTANT: All consignors must be checked in 30 minutes before the close of drop off.

Step 4: Pick Up and Get Paid

Grapevine Pick-Up

Monday, September 9th 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Grapevine Convention Center, 1209 S. Main St.

Plano Pick-Up

Tuesday, August 27th 4:00pm - 6:00pm (NEW TIME!)
Plano Event Center, 2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy.

  • Most consignors don’t even bother to come pick up unsold items because so much has sold. You’ll be able to see at the end of each day and the last day of the sale before pick-up what items have sold.
  • IMPORTANT! The donation truck is loaded promptly at the end of pick-up at both sale locations.We are out of the building minutes later so there is no way to pick up unsold items past that time frame.
  • Unless there’s a problem all unsold items will be sorted in one place by consignor number for easy pick-up. We encourage consignors to price their items well and to mark them to be donated if they don’t sell. A sort fee of $1 per item is charged at the end of the sale for all items that are unsold and not marked to be donated. This fee is based on what’s in your online inventory and does not take into account items not brought to the sale. For this reason it is very important that you delete any items that do not meet our standards and/or you intend not to bring to the sale BEFORE the sale locks.The sort fee will be waived for those who work at least one shift during the sale at which they consign. The money from this fee is given as credit to a local foster closet or crisis pregnancy center to shop for items the families they support need on the Sunday of the sale.
  • You will receive your check electronically a few days after the sale.
  • Divine Consign is not responsible for lost tags or stolen merchandise.

DONATING –  Our BEST consignors mark their items to be donated if they don’t sell. Items marked to be donated will print an “X” in the bottom right corner of the tag. These and all items marked to be discounted will go 75% off on our last morning open to the public. HUNDREDS of shoppers come back at this time just for 75% off merchandise so it’s a great way to increase your sales. Any unsold items marked to be donated will go to Soul Winners for Christ.